Top three reasons people give up blogging

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Top three reasons people give up blogging

Most of the people start blogging, and after a week or two, they stop writing or they are not interested anymore in blogging. Why? In this post, I’m going to discuss to you why people quit blogging and how to stay in the blogging world. Let’s move on to the post.

If you are a reader of my blog, I think you could remember I told you before start blogging or creating blogging, evaluate your self and find your passion. This step is ignored by most of the people who want to enter into the blogging world.

Why is passion important to have a blog?

Passion is very important for anything. If you know what your passion is and start a blog according to your passion, you will never give up. Why I’m saying so? If we compare blogging to starting a business, we can simply identify the point. If we want to start a business, we have to do a lot of steps. There is so much struggle you have to dedicate your time, energy and money and also you have to work hard in the beginning. Sometimes it may be profitable sometime it may be a loss. Sometimes you have to invest. Sometimes there are hard times.

Just like that, you are starting and continuing your blog need passion, dedication, hard work. If you are not really passionate about it, there is lot’s of chances to give up . if you are really passionate about it you will never give up you will find a solution.

How to find your passion?

Finding your passion is maybe difficult if you don’t have a passion you can create a one, let’s see what can you do to find your passion

  • Think about what you like the most
  • Think about what can you sacrifice to doing something
  • Focus and evaluate your strengths
  • Focus and evaluate about your weakness

This is a simple way to find your passion.

The next big reason is to quit blogging is,

They just want to make money

Having a blog, you can make a good amount of money, but if you just start your blog only to make money, there is a lot of chance you will give up very soon. Because you can’t make a lot of money at the beginning as I mentioned earlier, you need a lot of hard work and dedication to build a good blog when you do that when you in a good position you can monetize your blog, and you can make good money.

The next big reason is ,

Not having a good plan

Just like a business, you must build a plane to your blog. Just like How to start, how to market and bring the traffic, monthly goals, content plan ….etc. If you don’t have a good plan, there is a lot of chance you will give up shortly so don’t do that build a good plan covering all the arrears.

Finally, you have to conclude we can say it’s like motive. You must have a good motive why you want to blog instead of that you will easily give up when a problem comes to your way or if you are not performing well. So find that motive. Stay in the game do your level best one day you will be one of the best blogger.

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