How to rank and promote your blog using SEO

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How to rank and promote your blog using SEO

During the previous post we discuss how to start, promote and monetize your blog. In this post. We are going to talk about What is SEO and how you can use SEO to boost your blog and bring traffic into it. Let’s start,

What is the SEO (Serch Engine Optimization) mean,

Let me explain to you by using an example. Let say you search the term called “SEO” in Google. What happened Google shows you search results according to your search query(SEO). Now you can see the results according to pages. If you want to rank the term called “SEO” on the first page of Google the all the methods and tactics we use called SEO. In simply we use methods, tips, and tactics to rank your post in the Google search results.

I think to know you have an idea about SEO and you understand its really important. So in the SEO, we can divide that into the main three categories what they are?

  • Technical SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

These three are the main categories. Let’s learn one by one before that sometimes you probably heard about the White hat, black hat, and gray hat methods. I’m going to talk to you about only white hat methods because I do not recommend to use those methods its not good in Google’s eyes. If you use those tactics, Google will give you a penalty. So stay safe and secure. Forces to grow steadily and slowly.

What is technical SEO mean?

Technical SEO is the procedures and tactics to remove and minimize the technical errors of your sites to rank on Google.

What is On page SEO

In on-page SEO, we mainly focus on our site. We try to optimize our content, keywords, headlines, and sub-headlines.. etc. The main focus of this is to optimize and increase the chances to rank our content on the search engine results.

What is Off Page SEO

In this type, we mainly focus and try to optimize external factors. Take an extra advantage to rank on the search engine results.

I think now you have had a good idea about SEO.

Now let’s discuss further more about the Main factors you should consider about when doing SEO

Your content

The main top ranking factor from Google’s eye is your content. If you are focus to create good quality and valuable content, you will definitely rank on Google with or without considering the other factors.

The freshness of your content

In this factor, Google mainly considers how new your content and does it update to now.

The visiting time

In this factor, when a new visitor comes to your site, how much time they spend on your site is a very crucial factor. If they click and come to your site and immediately they go back to more search results mean your site and content is not so valuable. If you can increase the time you spend on your site, it is a big ranking factor. What can you do? write interesting content, use multimedia elements..etc

How many Backlink you are getting

This is another ranking factor. When another site links back o your site, we simply called it a backlink. Now you think ok I can build them easily? Now its take time you want to build high-quality backlinks. What mean by that? Let’s say you are writing about technology and you are getting a backlink from similar technology related site, and the second way is you writing about technology and you getting backlinks from the food-related site. Now, what is important? I think you understand the point I’m talking about. Getting a link from the related and authorized site has good value, so focus on quality, not on quantity. Mobile Friendliness and site speed

This is another ranking factors recently; Google takes into consideration when raking websites actually it is a factor on technical SEO. You have to maintain a good page speed, and your site must tell me responsive and mobile friendly.

These are the few but very important ranking factors. There are other ranking factors let’s talk about them in the next post.

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