Pro tips for writing a good blog post

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Pro tips for writing a good blog post

Having a good blog means having good content, isn’t it? We can say it’s all about content and we all know content is the king.

How to write a blog post? Just sitting down and start writing is this the way? No! In this post, I’m going to give you some tips to write an excellent blog let’s move into the post

Think about your readers and your niche

First, think about your readers what they need from a new blog post. What kind of problem you’re going to solve? Do you create anything new? What are the trends in your niche? First, evaluate these things. Take a good idea.

Gather details

After that, gather some details about how your post will be and if you need some statistic to find them. And also don’t forget about to search Google according to your keyword, and read the first ten posts before you jump into writing, take an idea. What are the arrears they cover? How can you improve those points and what kind of thing you are going to add?

Create a plan

You have to create a plan on how to break down the titles and sections of the post. Do you want to use multimedia or infographics and images if so find and create them?

Create an awesome title

If your content is super quality, but if you put a bad title, there is no value, so creating a good title will attract more and more readers. So make sure your title is attractive and don’t forget to include your main keyword into the title it will help you to boost your rankings.

Create well-organized content

Try to organize your content. Because if it is not organized, your readers will be confused, and they give up reading avoid that create well-organized content. You can use subheadings, bullets, numbers infographics..etc. Make sure it will very easy to skim

Create interested and Personalize content

Creating interesting content will definitely help you to minimize the bounce rate. It’s also good for SEO. When you are writing the post, Don’t forget to make them more personalized.

Consider about SEO

When writing the post, another main point is to optimize it for SEO. So what kind of things we can do?

  • Consider about the URL I suggest you to make them short
  • Consider about the title tag: try to include the main keyword in your title
  • Consider the main Keyword: try to use the main keyword at least three times in your blog post

Try to Write a good meta description: don’t just add keywords  to the meta description,try to write it yourself more engaging description including main keyword

Links: if you have a previous blog post related to some area of your new post, don’t just going to rewrite it. Just link it to those content. It will build and improve your Link Juice. It will also help In SEO.

When including outbound link don’t include so many links, and you can make them Do follow or no follow links.

I hope this will help you and by following these tips will bring you more traffic and more engagement.





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