How you bring traffic to your blog without spending money

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How you bring traffic to your blog without spending money!

We all need traffic, right? We all need more readers,  but to some extent, we have to spend money to bring more traffic. But in this post, I’m going to explore you simple but powerful ways to bring more traffic to your blog. So let’s get started.

The tip No one I have for you is,

Use Quora

Quora is all about Q&A. It is the #1 Platform. So what you have to do is go to quora and start answering a question related to your niche. After some times, you will have good followers, and it will build your brand. Then when you answering remember to link back to your site for relevant content. What happens is you will get more and more targeted and high-quality traffic.

Focus on Live Videos

Most of social media allow you to add Live videos. Most of the people now are really like to engage that kind of videos, so start it today and also remember to add value to them. By using this tactic, you will get traffic, sales, engagement, and you will build your brand. Amazing is,t it?

what’s coming out in the future

Another way to bring more traffic to your site is by creating videos about what coming out in the future. You know all of the Films releasing trailer before it coming right what happened in this is you are building curiosity in the mind of people. So they will go and check out your old content, and they will wait for the upcoming content also. This is a proven tactic but no one using it. Use it today and see the difference.

Use social media

This is another most used technic but why I’m mentioned here? Because you must be focused on social media, Don’t just share your content, and other valuable videos, images, photos engage with your followers if they ask a question to answer. If you have a question, ask from the expert in your industry. what happens is you will get more following  and more contact, and more following and more contact mean more traffic and more backlinks


When you post a new blog post Email to your list. And also when you link out t someone shoots an email saying that” Hi! I have linked out to you check it if it’s good to share in your social web” like that simply ask and let them know you link back to them. What happens is if they share it, you will get high-quality traffic, and if they link back to you-you will get more high quality and relevant backlinks.

This is my tips for you, but I have to mention another thing to you,

 Create a content plan

What is a content plan? Do your research and find topics and the keyword you want to write about then see who has already written about it? and link create more valuable content. And now you have the list of links. So contact them directly by email and tell them you have a good post and ask them to link back this method is so powerful wish you all the best.



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