How to start and promote your first blog? A to Z Guide

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How to start and promote your first blog? A to Z Guide

Do you want to start blogging and don’t know where to start? If so this post is for you all. In this post, I’m going to walk you through all the steps to start your first blog.

Starting blogging is really simple; you don’t need to expert to do that.  I have divided this post into Five parts.

  • The first part is: how to enter to blogging world and factors to consider
  • The second part is The basic technical knowledge you should have
  • The fourth part is: The ways to promote your Blog
  • The fifth part is:  How to monetize your blog

In this post, I will basically talk about two parts

Let’s move on to the first part,

How to enter the blogging world and what are factors to consider

Find your passion

When we get into the blogging world, the first thing we have to do is evaluate yourself. What’s that mean? Before starting a blog or something at first, we must know our interest, strength, and weakness and also opportunities and trends we have to face.

So at first, think about what are the things you really passionate about? Do you like music, travel, or technology? Or something else by searching and identifying your passion is really important part why do I say so? Because in every business you have to face problems if you don’t feel passionate about something, you will lose your faith.

Did you find your passion? If so good, what if you cant? Focus your strengths. Let’s say If you are good at SEO. Then you can write about SEO, did you understand what I mean? I think you do.

Choose a niche

What is the meaning? Let me explain you lets say you are interested in Sports. So you can’t cover every part of sports in your blog, so what to do you have to select a niche(a small part of the main category, so you have to select,

I want to write about cricket

I want to write about hockey

I will write about sports news

Just like that, you have to identify a niche. Or you can even break out your niche to sub-niche.

Sports, Cricket, Cricket News, Cricket news in the USA

Now I think you understand the process. Then what?

Identify your targeted keywords

What is a keyword?

The keyword is something we enter on Gooogle search.

Ex. how to play cricket

How to / play/ cricket there are three keywords

Like that you have to identify your main keywords.

Why do you need to identify keywords?

Because people use to add search queries to search engines. search engines searching the related content according to search queries so you must identify your best target keywords to rank on the search engines and also bring organic traffic to your blog from search engines

How to find the keywords

I will write another post about keyword searching, for now, You have to choose a less competitive keyword with a search volume. You can use the Google keyword research tool, Moz, SEM rush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest

Select your name

You need to select a name for your blog. If you can Remember to add your main keyword into your name in the below of this post in the” Domain Name” Section, I will describe it. Keep reading

If you finish this full steps lets move on to the next section.


The basic technical knowhow you should have

There are very simple steps, so don’t be afraid of the word called “technical part” I will show you step by step.

Before that let me tell you,

What are the options to start a blog,

You have several option to start your blog, what are they?

Use free platform from called Blogger it’s from Google

If you use this, you can simply go and put your name, and in a few minutes, you are ready to go. And you don’t have to buy the hosting, SSL ..etc

Use WordPress

There are two options in WordPress if you don’t have technical knowledge at all or you don’t want to learn about them you can use it has paid plans. But if you are ready to basic technical steps, you can use WordPress.Org it’s Free.

Use its another Free platform

Use it’s another cool free platform

In this post, I’m going to show you start your blog on WordPress with basic technical knowledge, or you can hire someone to do these steps. Why I’m showing that? Because it’s totally in your control and most popular way among the bloggers. Let’s get start

Choose Domain name

In the above section, I told you about choose your name. This step is related to that.

What is a Domain name?

Let me explain to you really simply. You know What, are they? They are domain names it’s like we have an address right just like that in the internet world we use domains to identify your address.

How to choose your domain

As I said earlier, try to include your main keyword in the domain name. Let’s say you select your main keyword as SEO then what try to find a domain name with the word SEO, like I think you understand it and also try to purchase a domain name in .com, Net, .org they are perfect.

Choose Hosting

What is called hosting?

Everyone has a house right just like that on the internet you want a place to store your information we called it Hosting. If you use Blogger, Medium or wix you don’t need to worry about hosting, but I’m recommending you to use WordPress so find a good WordPress friendly hosting provider and take the hosting plan most of them have one-click WordPress installed hosting.


Configure Domain name with hosting

If you are purchasing new hosting most of them, provide you to choose a domain name for free so don’t worry perches your hosting with the domain name. If you do so, this step is not necessary.

Setup Your Theme and plugins

Now you have everything set up, so this is the time to build your layout. If you use WordPress, there are so many Free themes, and if you want to, you can buy a perfect them and installed it into WordPress. It’s really simple just select your theme file and upload and activate it is that simple.

Ready to go

Congratulations! Now you are the proud owner of your own Blog. Now what you have to write content promote it bring the traffic to your blog monetize that traffic, and finally you earn a good amount of money using your blog.

That’s it for tomorrow I will link below to other steps as well read them and follow them

promote your Blog

monetize your blog

I wish you all the very best for you!



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