How to grow blog readership

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How to grow blog readership

As a blogger, we all need a good amount of traffic, we all need more in this post, I’m going to share with you some tips to grow your blog readership. Let’s move to the post

The really simple and first thing we can do is,

Build your online reputation

What’s meaning that? We all have social media, isn’t it? So you need to create social media page, groups, etc. and you need to add more members or subscribers into those network by doing that what will happen people will say “oho this Group is amazing I must join” by growing like that you will have a following good base. By creating a good following, you will get more social shares, comment, personal recommendations, and also new contact and most importantly, more TRAFFIC to your blog.

Don’t just use your social media pages..etc. To promote your content, give something valuable so they will stay with you. If someone asks a question or comment respond to them, engage with them, this will bring you more followers and loyal community.

Create contacts

You are not the only one blogger in your niche, so find other bloggers. Try to create contacts with them make them your friends, email them when you post a new blog post what will happen you will get more chance to get quality backlinks and social shares that’s mean more traffic. But don’t forget to do the same for them. This is not a one-man show. The bigger your network, the bigger your results.

Consider about quality

I have said this earlier you have to create good quality content. It should be valuable. If it’s valuable, it will get more social shares and backlinks also finally it will bring you more and more traffic. Don’t just repost creepy content create something new.

Use guest blogging

You can use guest blogging(I have written it earlier check it here) to gain more traffic and to reach more ordinance.try to create more high-quality content when you are doing guest posting. By doing that your work is exposed to the new ordinance and if they like the content, you will get traffic and also backlinks from authorized sites.

Try to create an engaging blog design

The way you design your blog will help you to attract more readers .remember to use a professional theme and mobile friendly.

Build an email list

Implement a way to subscribe to your newsletter. By doing this, you will get email list when you post a new post or content email them but remember do not spam them.try to maintain a schedule it could help me once a week or something like that.


When someone put a comment respond them back.engage with them.if you do that they will be your loyal fans.

By understanding and implementing the above tips, you will gain more readership. I hope this post will help you!

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