Affiliate marketing A to Z guide

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Affiliate marketing A to Z guide

Do you need money to make money? No, you don’t. Amazing, isn’t it? In this guide, I’m going to explain to you about affiliate marketing, and you can make money from affiliate marketing without spending money. Ok, let’s move on to the post.

In the beginning, let’s try to define affiliate marketing. In simple in the world, there are lots of physical and digital products, but they have limited recourse to promote those products. In affiliate marketing what happens as an example let’s say you have a yoga course you want to promote it using affiliate marketers.what you have to do is you will say I will give you a 10% commission from qualified sales if anyone can promote my course. You put this offer in your site or affiliate marketplace site. What happens? When an affiliate marketer sees your offer, they register with you or in the market place they start promoting your product to their own targeted audience(we have to give special ID to track the sales) what happen you will get more qualified seals and then you have to give the commission to the affiliate marketer. In simple, this is the whole process inside the affiliate marketing.

I think you have noticed there are four parties involved in this who are they

  • The actual product owner: who has the product
  • The platform/ marketplace: this could be an affiliate marketplace or his own site
  • The product: the product to promote
  • Affiliate marketer: who promote the product and bring seals and make the common

Now I think you have understood all the process.

Make money as an affiliate marketer?

Let’s talk about it. The best part is becoming an affiliate marketer you can make money without spending money. First, you have to choose a product to promote. How to do that? You can just register the site like Clickbank, CJ affiliate, amazon affiliate..etc. Or you have to find a site who allow to affiliate marketers.

If you are a beginner, I suggest you register Clickbank first. In the Clickbank, there are so many products to promote. But you have to consider what you good at without knowing that you can make sales, but by knowing your strength, you can bring more sales.

Evaluate yourself, am I good at fitness? Health or technology?

Do I have  good social media following

Do you have a good blog or a youtube chanal

Are you good at paid adds

Like that you have to evaluate yourself first then go to the click bank select the niche you want, and sort the offers by gravity then have a look about the products, commission and choose a product to promote.

If you are registering amazon affiliate or something like that, the process is same, and you have to find good products according to your niche to promote.

How to promote your offers or products?

In the above paragraphs, I told you to evaluate your self why when you are going to promote the product; it will be very easy if you have done above step. There are lot’s of methods and ways to promote the products lets have a look at general and legit’s ones

using social media

You can simply promote your offers to your targeted niche using the power of social media. If you have a page, group or profile that already have a good amount of following that’s the grade you can simply start promote them, if you don’t have that much of following what you can do start building the following reach more people engage with them make them your followers or fans. Or you can use paid ads to reach more people. Note that some social media networks don’t allow to put the direct affiliate links, so you have to short the URL

Using Blog

If you have a blog now that’s awesome, you can just start promoting your offers to an existing people . if you don’t have a blog just simply create a one on Blogger without spending a’s from Google it’s a 100% Free platform. But don’t just promote your offers try to add value to your user by providing good content and add the offer to that

Using the power of YouTube

If you already have a YouTube channel cool, then you can start just now, or if you don’t have started a YouTube channel now, it’s Free. What you have to do is post videos related to your niche and add affiliate product links in the description. What happens is when someone interested in your video they will use your affiliate link to buy the offer you will gain common for that.

Email marketing

If you are good at email marketing, you can simply make a good amount of money. How if you have email collection you can send your offers. But remember not to spam them. You have to be creative add some value to them. If you don’t have an email list start building now not today.

Ok now you know about affiliate marketing and let’s discuss some FAQ now

How much money I can make as an affiliate marketer

The answer is no limit you can make 0$ to infinity if you are good at marketing

Do you need a blog to promote?

No, you don’t check the above section you will find lot’s of way to promote it

Do I have to pay affiliate marketplaces to register?

No, you don’t have to pay single penny you just go to the site create an account start promoting the products

Do I need qualifications or certifications?

No, you don’t …it’s just depend on your skills

It’s illegal or something like that?

No, it’s not. Lot’s of people doing this they make a good amount of money. You have to remember one thing don’t spam to anyone

I hope this simple guide helps you all to become an affiliate marketer and make a good amount of money. Always remember not to spam anyone, provide value to everyone, respect the privacy, build your skill set day by day you will become one of the best affiliate marketers and also one day you could become your own bosses. Thanks for reading but it’s not enough


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